im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, May 09, 2011


didnt go gf on fri. was driving to co workers house to get a rototiller it kind of on the way to the gf house one turn away. the wife decides to come with me and shure enough i turn toward the gf house. i made a quick lie about there being a cycle store that direction and i turned around.
then i got to thinking if i had just kept going droped the wife off athe the gf house and split i could have really started something maybee for the good of all concerned.

instead i went to my co workers and got the rototiller took it "home" and did domestic stuff i guess cant really remember. o worked on the camp site for dads mhome with the youngest boy

saturday i went to my brothers and picked up my dad got him all set up and then went to the banquet with the gf tried to act normal told the wife it was an aa thing. usuall awards stuff and all bull shit got home late after fucking the gf.

Sunday went to church i dont know why. got home and took the wife to the get flower and veg store to put in her gardentilled and had the boys move dirt till it was all flat and ready. went to the gf house and fucked her again



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