im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, October 08, 2012

friday after work i took my dad camping got him all set up and rode the 48 miles to the gf house. took a shower cause i rode there in the rain and was cold fucked her

saturday i went to cpr refresher and delervered flyers with the gf.  then to mn nephiew inlaws wedding. stayed at our usual b and b hsd to skip the breakfast cause we hada go to church.  the wedding was at a brewery and the reception at the bar downstairs.  it actually was kinda classy. did not do the wife.

sunday morning went to church (no it did not fall down or burst into flames but it shuda)

went and got my dad i was a couple of hours early and that fucked him all up with wastnt expedcting you till one oclock. hope i die befor i get old
took a long nap sunday afternoon
went to the gf sunday night fucked her


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