im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, May 07, 2007

what a weekend spent friday night with the gf sleept a lot and just kinda screwed off till i burned dinnner. I think i showered and we fuckes and an i go home. Sat slept in sold a motorcycle and cooked dinner for the ffamily went out to a verrrrrry public dinner with the gf lots of people i know with my wife were there i might get busted for this one. was tired and full when we got back t her plaace so i fucked he r and left. I told the wife i was meeting som friends and going bikeing and then we all went to the cacieno. all such bullshit is it not. went to church on sunday w the family did som yard work and went out same ol bullshit excuse got to the gf s walked her dogs played a game fucked her and went home. cant seem t sleep wonder why??????? duu this afternoon ill take the gf dinner at school and go home and do domestic stuff w the family. Can i get it up for the wife? No denying she is beautiful but no sparks fly anymore. I am such a bastard I want to die but cant ...


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