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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

garage sales and sidecars

the garage sale went well really only needed to be open on thrusday cause 90% of sales happened then. i told the wife she would be paid for her time (never said how much) so as it turns out the money just covered her time x hourly rate. go figure. she protested but i said without her there would have been no sales and a lot more costs involved. so it's all hers she has a weekend in stratford coming up so i hope she gets herself something nice.

droped dad off camping and rode the the bike home. 300 miles round trip on friday. did the reverse on monday. he seemed to have a good time.

monday morning the gf had the idea for me to come over for breakfast before getting my dad and i agred but i had gone to bed with a headache and woke up with it even worse. tooke some excedrine and texted i would be an hour late. when i got up it was raining so i called her and canceled she got all pissy and sent me a bunch of texts but i was tired and slept till 10 so i guess i really was tired. i think its still the affects of that hand foot mouth grunge my boy gave the week before. either way i said no to her and dissapointed her once again.

put a side car on my dads bike it works very well and he seems very pleased with hoe it turned out. i refinished his old tool box he built in 1950 or so and put it on the rack i made out of an old fishtank stand. it needs some weigh in it so it stays on the ground but it works. and looks cool

the boys dug a hole out front to drain water 4foot wide 4foot deep. good work for boys to do.



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