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Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend update

Fri went to gf house ran errands took woofs inc phone store DQ on way got subway took forever back to house watched idle hate that fucking show showered and fucked. left bout midnight.

sat up for first runs at the hill met up with a friend to board with(really wanna fuck her as well) stayed till snow got crappy and sun went behind clouds. went home helped fold clothes and napped. went to volunteer gig at night with gf it went pretty well snow was good. back at her house we had a shower i ate eer till she screamed and got good a good nut off myself. left bout 1 turned clocks forward at house and fell in bed at 3.

sun up for church with the wife yea church wtf. went to the hill to meet my bro and his kids put them in a lesson cause i was tired and couldn't deal with them and they did well and were skiing all over by the time they were done had to bolt at 1pm to volunteer thing and pick the gf on the way. did our shift and closed down put things away. back to her house for a cobbler desert and som impromptu fucking with the idea of showering but we slept i held her wrapped in my arms like she likes so much and got the fuck outs a there by 10.

Monday tired as fuck but rode the bike to work gotta nap at break time feeling kinda normal now the coffee buzz is worn off and i had a sammich

don't know what ill do tonight



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