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Monday, October 24, 2011

gallbladder flush

so i drank the apple juice all week. ate light no caffene except for the excedrin on thursday and saturday. gota have it or my headaches get to where i cant function. then i did the last part of the flush 2 teaspoons of epsom salt 2 hours apart. after the second one i passed everything i had and then went dark green liquid lighter green liquid then clear liquid. nassive amounts of liquid comming out of my butt. then i duitifully drank the oil and lemon mix (not as hard to do as i thought it would be) and went to bed. rumbled and stuff through the night and felt like i had eaten a huge greasy pizza the night before. didnt go to church. ate som crackers and apple juice. and stayed close to the bathroom. more liquid som green floaties and then a little but powerfull poop produced a dozen or so green floaties. like the flush instructions said theere would be. are they stones or just congeled oil? i dont know but i feel better knowing i tried to flush out things

chores around the house including fixing my dads tail lights. i really do put a lot of time into doing things for him . guess im kinda of resentfull about it but i do love him and want to take care of him as best as i can.

went to the gf house 3 times this weekend. did her 2 times.

think the squrile is comming in through my ridge vent ordered som climbing equipment to get on the roof to screw it down




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