im a bastard and i cant spell

Saturday, September 17, 2011

got the the gf house yesterday and she starts on about fall dates and shit and i like couldent handle all the fucking things i have to do in the next month my stomach was in knots and and shit was runnin out of me llike h2o. got all the dates put in my phone but not sure i can be and instructor anymore. im maintaining essentally 4 houses mine my dads the wido next door and the gf house + 12 fucking cars trucks and motorcycles. kinda all too much lately. watched the gf eat dinner cause i wadent hungry . she said "wish you would have told me that i would have eaten sooner" i appoligized and she gives me this guilt trip for not being hungry. if i had eaten i just would have felt like shit and had to sit on the toilett the rest of the night. instead we showered and fucked she did ask in a nice way if i wasent in the mood but i dare not say no

got back to my house and my mil and fil were there why in the fuck does my fil have to say som derogitory remark every time i see him. like look who finally came home. or good afternoon if he thinks ive goten up too late in the morning. one of these days hes going to get a hardy JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP OLD MAN!!!!




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