im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, October 31, 2011

hung from the climbing gear all sunday afternoon fixing the ridge vent hope it keeps the rodents out.
watched the last samarie with the youngest boy cause he is taking japanese as a second language i know its not historically accurate and it has tom cruise in it but i thought it was good

the oldest boy went on his first out of state outing with his girlfriend and the church group i think it went well. He is 18 now (no childe support when the inevidable happens) i took the hole fam out to dinner along with his gf (nice tits on that girl) one thing that bugs me about the wife is that dinner is done and she says O i forgot to bake get a cake. WTF she doesent work full time the house is a sty and she cant even remember to get a fucking cake for the boys bday. pulled into a local ice cream shop and although they were technacally closed for the season he had a cake good to go and we went back to the house and has a few laughs and opened som gifts n stuf.

did my 5 hours at the swap

droped my dad off with my brother for 2 weeks. motorhome is a work in progress

gf and the wife bleeding at the same time



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