im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, December 05, 2011

friday went to the gf and did her took soup for dinner and she read from the piano book
no skiing yet
slept in till 10 saturday did the wife and cleaned the garage

sunday went to church with the fam. it dont fall down when i walk in but it prolly should

puttered and got ready to ski on sunday
o yea put a ham in the slo cooker for dinner and the wife got all pissy couse she wanted to get 3 meals out of it and i put the whole thing in wtf when i cook she does not have to so why would she bitch about boiling up ham we eat what what we want and refer the rest its that simple. i told her if she keeps it ill just stop cooking altogether.

sunday went to the gf late masaged her and had a really good O



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