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Friday, November 18, 2011

just venting about work

gona bitch about work for a minute here cause we had a "pep" talk at our weekly meeting about doing things more efficiently. i asked hav you ever known us builders to sit on our ass cause we just had so many parts we didnt know where to begin. Every place i have ever been in GM or the few other companies i have worked for have ever been able to keep me in enough parts or information to keep my buisy. im not braging im slow as fuck by most standards but i cant build something out of nothing. period! period! period! GET US THE FUCKING PARTS. THE RIGHT PARTS. QUALITY PARTS AND WE WILL BUILD ENGINES TRANSMISSIONS CARS TRUCKS AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT US TO BUILD.

im just a worker drone doing my job as best as i can. its about the only thing i do right.




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