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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Didn't want to go to the movies and the weather is cold and wet. My dad is here just kinda feeling sorry for myself I guess. My dad just tried to shove so money at me (not nearly enough)to pay for this house we are staying in. Tried to tell him it's all set but he's kinda thick sometimes,guess he's just old and loosing it a bit.  He's a sweet old grouch and a pain in the ass but he's our pain in the ass. Face timed the girlfriend guess she is my fiancĂ© as I asked her to marry me and gave her a ring. I've known her for 14 years now I do think I love her, I'm not really sure what love is but I'm afraid to spend the rest of my life alone. I treat her nice and that feels good so I'll do that and she loves me . So we will be happy. I'll move into her place. I like it. It's small but big enough for the two of us. The boys and my dad will stay . The house is paid off so I'll keep it until they move out or whatever.
I haven't told anyone on this continent yet but I did ask her mum if I could marry her. She says ok . Next winter will be the date of the wedding our "first" date will be soon and I'll "ask" her in the fall at refresher . Don't want to tell my family yet especially the boys out of respect for there late mother. I'm not taking any chances though I want my Princess so I hedged my bet when she went back to visit mum and brother /sister in law, hence the ring and the covert engagement .
My plan is to stay faithful to this one. I never wanted the afair in the first place. Just a lay and blojob. I fell in love though. I really do love her.


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