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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's been a while since my last post

My wife is dead. On January 00 2014 she was taking out the garbage and her aorta rupshured she had surgery 13 years ago to fix a coarctation and it burst. I did CPR my son called 911 but I knew she was gone. I thought she had fell and snapped her neck but there was no trama other than a small abrasion on her chin. Face down no pulse no resperation look listen feel nothing CPR rescue was on scean within 5 minutes but she was gone just gone.
She had come home from work I had dinner ready we ate we cleaned up ane she was excited to get the garbage out ,excited to take out the garbage, you see we missed the week before and she was happy to get it out.
Dead she is dead just dead
We buried her with full catholic service. She loved her faith I hope she is at peace. She was a good woman , person, Christian and the best wife I didn't deserve.
I miss her she was such a huge part of my life. So many things I've had to do so many things I've done. Just one day at a time.

The boys are doing as well as can be expected I guess we don't really talk that much. They still go to church. I haven't been Ina a while. There is a widow there who is I think has set her cap toward me. Not really hitting on me but I can almost feel her desperation. Maybe I'm reading her all wrong I'm kinda stupid that way. Then chick at work was hitting me though. Smoker drinker and batshit crazy so while faltering no just no.

The gf. Still loves me even though
I'm still a
FUCKING insane Bastard!


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