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Monday, August 21, 2017


had a colonoscopy the fasting and clean out was the worst part the procedure and recovery was fine.
Went to Mexico on vacation With another family it was good very nice very pretty. Will I ever go back? No not if I can help it not that every part wasn't good it was good. But every part of Mexico that I can seem has a little bit of crappieness to it. There are nicer places to go.

My younger son moved back home. I'm in the process of fixing up the basement for him. He is going to live there using a separate entrance and driveway. My new daughter in law and her mother are mad and sending bullshit my way about it. But tough shit if they don't like get the fuck outa my house.

FF a couple of days I get an apology from d I l and all is ok.?  I think she and mommy checked apartments and found out I'm giving them the only deal they can afford. I'll not forget anytime soon.

On the plus side I'm off overtime for the summer and I have a wonderful wife by my side

I still miss Patty though it still hits me hard during lunch driving home in the middle of the night it just hurts....


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