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Friday, May 11, 2007

goin t the gf house again tnite crazy week poked the wife on tuesday mostly domestic bs the rest of the week. o just remembered I clipped the wifes nails and rubed her feet before foing to the gf on wed nte she loved it. the gf studied for a while and well i got tired of "stand next to me and touch me" so i pulled up a chair and she promptly put her feet in my lap and i rubbed and tickeled them. Later on we went t bed and she asked me to de-stress her so i got busy and started rubin and sucken tits (not eaten dirty puss) and when i positioned my self on top of her she reached down and grabs my dick and pulls me into her. I was gonna do more but what the fuck i took it as a signe that she wanted a good hard fucken. happened to glance at the clock 9:01 pounded and pounded on her finally came at 9:16 only cuz i was getten tired of doin all the work (she just layed there) I was no sooner dun and she pushes me off and goes t the bathroom. we get back into bed and i can tell shes kinda pissed but shit if she wanted more forplay she should have asked for it. not grabed my cock and pulled me in! o
Owell goin there again t nite probly fuck more
I dont even like to fuck anymore last night i tossed off to a dvd and had the best o ive had in a while. Maybee i should just leave em both and be a bastard t myself for a while.
o bty i really wanna drink right now


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