im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, April 14, 2008

stayed home on friday night for the first time in a couple of years. the gf has a class and i dont go to aa meetings anymore so i stayed in had dinner and watched a movie with the wife and kids. real norman rockwell type stuff. didnt call of text the gf till saturday afternoon she left me about 10 texts and vm.
Saturday was the wifes birthday so we slept in i made her breakfast and took her shoping got som nice outfits and son shoes that fit her and were made of real leather. we shared a late lunch
and had pizza and movie later in the evening. the boys made her a cake (from scratch) and it was very good. it was late when we went to bed and i took a lot of sleeping pills. went to church on sunday. when we got home she draged me to the bedroom and we made wild and passionate love for about 15 minuets. after 20 years of marriage we know all the right buttons to push so it was quick but very good. took the boy to a friends in the afternoon before going the the gfh. we watched the great gatsby for a school thing for her and then she jumped me. before going out to dinner with friends.

kinda wierd having my tool in the gf mouth just hours after doing the wife. I did wash 2wice before i let her suck me but still think im a total
BASTARD for seeing her at all let alone letting her suck me then f me.
today im back at work like everyhing is normal... but what is normal anymore?


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