im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How was my weekend you ask? ok no one asked no one reads the drivvle i type its just an on line diary i guess.

worked my ass off on the gfh doing electrics for her crawlled through her attic about 50 times pulling wire but we did a good job of and she is happy. did domestic bullshit all saturday and then took the gf out for her birthday dancing party danced a lot and gelerally made a fuss over her in front of her girlfriends and made them all jellious (how the f do you spell that) any they all would hate if they knew the truth. fucked her before and after so she was pretty happy about the evening till i left about 2 am. Got a call fron the gf on sunday morning that her 14 year old dog was real sick and she was going to put her down. we knew it was comming but your never ready for shit like that. any way she she went peacfully. did the church thing with the family and hung out till i went back to the gfh on sunday night. didnt f for a change her dog just died and all even i didnt want to do it I kinda really loved that old dog. went home early and sook sleeping tabs.
Monday i went back to the gfh went for a bike ride and still didnt f her even tho she sucked on me for a while. left early around 9 and got home in time say gdnite to the kids and to do the wife
forplay with the gf then sex with the wife. I AM SUCH A


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