im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

im not sure how mentally unstable i really am but i do know look in the mirror daily and wonder just what in the fuck i think im doing. guyw like me dont cheat on there wives at all let alone have this enormas scam going with lie apon lie and story after story to practically everyone im my life. i hate looking at my self in the mirror and when i pull the knife out the seething hate grows stronger cause im week and wont do the deed. i hate you!!!! and all you have become. maybee God still has a pourpose for me maybee thats the reason im still alive. i dont no but i hope its all over soon. im 2 much a coward to take my own life so some poor soul will hafta wack me on my motorcycle or bycycle or on the ski hill or a boating accident. a nice industrial accident at work would do 90% more likley to be killed if your a skilled trademen. so many ways to die so little death.


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