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Monday, December 08, 2008

life is making less sens than usuall latly
we are going home after my dads camping club christmas party which was boring as fuck and has som of the worst food ive had in a while (and my wife and i are not that great of cooks) but my dad had a good time seeing everybody and he seemed genually happy so all is good right.
i mention to my wife who is driving that we need gas before we get on the freeway. she pulls into a station and has to jocky around for a pump when this dude clips the front of our truck. i get out and it cracked the front bumper facia but no big damage it had a crack in the middle and i was going to replace it in the spring anyway. i look at the other truck and it must have hit on the tire cause there is no damage at all to his truck so its all cool each will say sorry and we both will go on our way right???? but this guy gets out and accuses my wife of hitting him (she was in reverse ) and says that he could not have caused that kind of damage cause if we touched it was on the other side of the vehicle entirely he could not have turned that sharply even if he wanted to . I dont get angry easy but i was now offically pissed and just wanted him to admit hitting us. words were said and well i just took down his plate nuumber and thought we were all going away angry but going away he turns his truck around and points it at the side of mine and says we must move so he can get out (he was pointing out already and had to turn around to do all this . luckly my wife said ill just pull a head so he can go around. women always seem to have cooler heads at just the right time. i do love her

and today i show up to work today and the guy whos job i was working on came in and so im left to move to another stall. its ok i dont mind moving around the shop some guys get all freeky about it but i just roll my tool box and keep working. but now i have no job assignment and my regular boss is gon today and im not sure who im reporting to so im sitting on the computer IN MY WORK AREA and the sub boss comes up and gives me all this where are you supost to be working in a tone like its my fault so i shot back " in this building" so she calls up the regular boss and asks what to do with me. she put me in a restricted area to work but says its all ok. i get a vehicle moce my tool box asross the shop and just get to work and the supervisor there tells me i cant work here. i decided to a little stupidity manigment was in order so i told her i was just assigned to this area and told in this stall she gave me an order to move but we only answer to one boss at a time so i told her to see my supervisor. 5 min later my sub boss comes back and tells me to move to a diff stall and work . ok ok no prob. then she asks if the 12 to 14 hour job will be done today with 3 hours left. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa. im sorry but she is just a stupid.... well i guess she kind of thrown into it without a lesson plan so to speek so ill get to work straight away.

i just dont get it im the only one who can get the repairs on the trucks we are working on done in one day but they move me from stall to stall jacking me around and putting me hell and gon fron the equipment i need fuck fuck fuck
at least i got to ride the motorcycle in 11 degrees and a little icy but dam it felt good (there another feeling) maybee on the way home ill get creemed by a truck.



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