im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, December 12, 2008

the gf left town on vacation as she said goodby i felt a huge weight lift of me not completly cause she is comeing back but at lease for a time the pressure to see her and be with her is off. i even found myself whistling while i was at work today for the first time in years. that should tell me somthing about the relationship i have with her shouldent it?

im working for 1.2 hours pay a day. I could be in the jobs bank sitting at home drawing 85% of my pay but i never thought the j bank was right or good business but wtf do i know. So voulenteered to come back to work . i just want the company i work for to stay in business so i can have a job. they can cut my pay. yes itll hurt but ill get by. just leave me a job please. maybee that makes me Un union but i dont care without a job a union is useless. i have thought about what i would do instead go back to school i already have a degree and held an office job back in the early 90s hated it.
i like working on cars and trucks getting dirty and making things that are broken better.
too bad i cant fix myself


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