im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

got dad to florida over the long weekend 1348 miles one flat tire and a stop in tennacee to have thanksgiving with the inlaws. i didnt enjoy the time with my dad like i prolly should have he kept on me about you can put the arm rests down on that chair or fold the couch all the way down or better get over never too soon to change lanes i know he is my dad and all and he even said i did a real good job driveing down and he really apreciated me taking the time to get him there and getting him all set up. but all i can feel is relief at him being gone for 5 months and the house can get back to normal. whatever the fuck that is. still gota close on his house but i have power of attorney to sign for him and i dont really care when it happens as long as i dont havta go and do more work on it. still gota a pile of garbage to get rid 0f tho

wife was soo happy to see me last night she cryed for about 5 minnutes. this after i had the gf pick me up from the airport take me to her house and fucked my brains out. i am such a bastard
and the insanity continues!


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