im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, September 18, 2009

have not been blogging much

cause nothing has changed i still do the same things expecting different results. INSANITY i guess still want to break it off with the gf but cant figure out how still wana drink sooo f ing bad i can taste it. still want to make love to my wife but cant come through can toss off in the bathroom or garage and do the gf twice in one night. still want still want still want
i never DO! i just keep doing the same things over and over

talked to my dad last night he said he saw som people he had not seen in years and he genuinely sounded like he was having a good time. i go and get him on sunday

have too much going on saturday and can,t spend the day with the gf after we do final exam at my volenteer (stilll cant spell that) class dont want to name the organization cause my being in it would lend it a bad name now wouldent it. and soooo many people read my blog not!
any way people tell me im good at it and am a nice caring person bla bla bla... gona screem again

gota have the youngest boy at church in the afternoon cutting it close wish his brother could drive him but he only has a learners permit so he can start walking at 2 and ill pick him up and take him the rest of the way that should work

usta piss the gf off when things like this come up she would get all screechy and complain about how she takes a back seat im my life and on and on and on but now she just rolls with it. getting her trained like i have my wife dont ask questions and just accept what im doing even if it means disapointing you time and time again. im not trying to "train" anyone im just noticing the patern changing and its not me doing the changing.
gota get back to work


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