im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, September 17, 2010

goin to the gf house again tonight as usual on fri night. she has a real job now so i get there before her and feed the dogs. wed she practally threw me on the bed and had her way with me. not saying i mind much but even a INSANE BASTARD like me can only live with so much guilt running through my head all the time.

got the side car finished on dads bike he has not ridden it yet though. bought him a new tv yesterday and picked up a satilte dish for when he goes to FL. as his park has no cable. dont know y he wants to go back to his old park but he does and thats where ill take him.

boys got the hole filled in with stone and it rained yesterday and all the night before with no flooding so hopefully it will drain properly.

wife is going out of the country for the weekend with friends. i really hope she has a good time. she looks forward to it all year. i sent her an email yesterday saying i realy appreciated everything she does for me and the boys and my dad. today i sent one saying i would miss her... i think i will but not sure in my head if i really do or not.

gray has invaded my head again has done for a long time now.



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