im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, January 28, 2011

yesterday the wife came in and wispered in my ear "need you" i was cooking dinner and we took care of all the gettin home stuff with the kids and while dinner was simmering off we went to the bedroom and did the nasty. i let her sleep after and then got up to finish dinner and get it on the table. she was so wet durring the day she had to put a pad on to soak up the juces.
what the fuck have i got that makes women get wet over me.
ive gone out of my way to mention my wife at my voulenteer gig to the new canidate as i do not need another brokem marriage on my concious. or another gf for that matter.
after dinner sent the wife to church while the boys and i played vids and cleaned up.

o back to the gf tonight cant figure out why but i will. prolly eat and f her as well


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