im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

got to the gf house on monday she meet me in a very sexy dress, showing off little peeks every so often quite the turn on. i did a couple of jobs for her and she took me to bed. she lay on the bed touching herself and moaning i fingered her a little and then went and stroked het titties with my cock. she got off once twice three times. when i mounted her she was wet wet wet and i slid in and bust out ina bout 2 min we lay there panting and then napping while it rains outside.

i fixed dinner and we ate at the counter on the barstools i got her. we put on som music and she pulled her dress up and started stroking the pussy again so i leaned her back and did er again. didnt trust the stools to hold up to a good shagging si i draged her off to the bedroom and bent her over and did her doggy infront of the mirror. colapsing on the bed she got off a huge O and we rested again for a bit before showering. and hugging for a while

all this could be straight out of a porn movie

then i left! went back to my surband house with my wife and 2 children.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate u dickhead bastard hate u idiot fuck off n die kill yourself soon asshole hate hate hate you

9:01 AM  

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