im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, September 16, 2011

didnt go last night wife was all kinda freeked out about her parents comming in for the weekend. so we cleaned up a bit . fucking hate it when her mon comes she acta like all of a sudden we are not human and the house needs sanitizing. that would be ok if she wanted to live like that all the time and put the effort into cleaning it her self but noooo it only that bad just as she is panicking the house is a pig sty her mom is comming. already had it out with her years ago about her getting all freeky at times like this but i guess i need to hit her with it again. THIS IS HOW WE LIVE IF THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH YOUR PARENTS WILL HAFTA STAY AT A LOCAL MOTEL.

boy is getting confermed this weekend

going to gf house again this afternoon

started carrying a tie strap around with me everyware again.




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