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Thursday, September 08, 2011

laborday and more betrail

so the gf went out of town for a week or 2 she lost her job and was planning this trip anyway so she went i texted her like she wantedme to and all that bs.
i stayed around the house and worked ot
took dad and the boys camping came bac the next day and loaded the bikes and took the wife on a road trip. only 50 miles or so but we went to church had dinner played tourist and stayed at a real nice b and b. romantic walk by the river in the evening. went and got the m home all in all put 600 miles on the road.

back at work more ot and the gf got back on wednesday. i did not voulenteer to take the day off and get her at the airport. i told her if she wants me to get her she would hav to wait till i got there. she landed at about 2 so she would hav to wait about 3 hours and being a princess that was too long so she got her son to pick her up. fucking small victory for me telling her no but fuck it shes gots start doing things on her own sometime right?

anyway the wife wants me to attend som church prayer group at 630 wed so i called the gf and offered her a quick welcime back hug telling her i only had about 1/2 hour. 2 min after getting to her house she had my cock in her pumping away. why did i go running back like some lost fucking puppy? what is fucking wrong with me. i got dressed and met the wife at church. good thing it was just reading from photo copy dont see the good in it but did really see the fucked up bas i was giving the group.



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