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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

vacation 2

started out by putting tires on dads m home had the boys help a lot. new tool works great. fixed the wodows van fuel pump. drove dad to week long campout bro is picking him up.
tought class monday night. fucked the gf gudby
headed out tuesday every part of this road trip down should not have more than 6 hours in the car.
got to the cathedral huge big enormas shitty part of town but non the less impressive.
went to dinner with a niece and her pussified husband to a jap steakhouse ok food
wednesday went to amusmant park. found out the wife and youngest bou didnt want to ride most of the rides so the oldest and i rode almost all of them. good time fast food and pints of icecream late at the motell. did not call the gf

thursday checked into a dump of a motell and went to the musium cool cool cool. went for mexican after. went for a walk after ran back to motell shit myself on the way. damit.
friday went back to the musium for hours and hurs and hours still ver cool. drove to the inlaws via the parkway got to inlaws ate a shitty late dinner. Gf went on an interview for a job talked to her on the phone while i shit my brains out.

friday back on the road to a condo rental private island bro and sis inlaw own property on. very posh and very out of my element.

Saturday went to beach, boy cut his foot. neice has huge tits i kept stairing at good thing i had shades on. went to right aid for first aid kit and swim shoes for me and boys. conversation at the other condo woth inlaws and cousins good time.

sunday of course church at 9 am some priest whos accent i couldent understand. might haven even been in latin for all i know. sis in law takes us to sandcastle clubhouse nice pool gate to the beach where she rented chairs and umbrellas for us. yet another sis in law shows up stare at her tits too. other boy cut his foot not wearing his swim shoes. dinner at inlaws again chat chat chat. did the wife

Monday did the wife again didnt even try to give her an O just pumped her. we go to the real private exclusive through 2 guarded gates clup house. Its like a cruse ship with mutipul pools and dudes handing you towels guy spraying the sand from the board walk to the beach with water so you dont burn your feet. course the boys and i have sandels on now. drinks just give the waiter or tender a number very very posh lots and lots of ritch tits to stare at. Out to dinner for niece birthday had a pasta house special it was good. presents for the birthday girl at the inlaws condo after

tuesday coffee on the deck while watching the grounds crew manicure the green outside out door and the course in general. sunscreen sand surf in the morning the wife and kids went shoping. i wacked off.had pre made lunches for the kayak tour in the afternoon. tour was cool had a real nice guy show us some dolfin clam beds and we climed around in some mud for a while it was cool just a pleasant time and i relaxed a bit. went shoping with the wife for a bit. showered and went to dinner at the inlaws. nice leaving them at the end of the day and comming back to a quied condo. Still way out of my elliment but relaxing just the same

wednesday more sunscreen and back to the swanky club. did another kayak tour with everybody not as nice as yesterday but cool. nefeu went on a paddle board but is was windy and he had a hard time of it. neise tiped her kayak and was in real trouble but i was able to lend minim help and got her back in her yak great tits on that girl.

thursday more suncreen back to the club pool ocean surf sand pool boys w towles chicks in small swimsuits, nice, took a nap after a shitty dry sordfish sandwitch with everybody. sent the wife shoping and got ready for dinner at the inlaws

friday got ready to hit the road no hurry. long drive ahead lunch on the road and checked into a hotell about 6pm.

Saturday back on the road after the waffles the wife can sure fuck a simple thing. Shes like where should we here or back in the room. I was having trouble with the auto waffler or whatever and i said where ever. and she goes someware. i get my stuff ready and turn around and she is gone, so i go up to the room. she is not there. come to find out instead of sitting down where i could see her she sits around the corner and just kind of complicated a very simple situation. in that reguard she is just like her mother every night she will come to the table trying to figure out where everyone is sitting so she can put out drinks or some such nonsense making a problem where there should not be one. just leave the drinks on the counter and we will pick them up and sit down with them and that is where we are sitting quit trying to be so fucking nice you agravate people for fucks sake. bit my tound cause shes not going to change

2 fucking hours to go 5 miles a little construction goes a long way in the interstate. got back about 7pm

2190 miles. altogether a good trip

too bad im still a

sunday church and finish putting crap away. went to the gf house and 5 min later shes fucking me.
Monday back to work and off the the gf ran som errands and made her a tv antenna showered and ate her to the O she missed out on last night.



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