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Thursday, February 16, 2012

3 dates in one day

yesterday i had 3 dates with 3 women.

first with the gf she wanted me to come over and get a piece of cake she mede me for valentines day. Good cake made from scratch worth the trip just for that. Then she point blank says to me "are you going to make love with me" cant say no to that of we went she rode me for a change and it was a good O. A little nap later and.....

Back to my house for dinner with the fam. then off to church of all things with the wife for prayer service. I so want to stand up at the end and say "could we pray for a parisher to end a long standing affair" but i never do. took the wife home kissed her and...

went up the hill to meet up with the 3rd woman in my life who says she is un happy in her marriage but let me know "she is not looking for anything else"

i really hope not as i do not need another vagina to maintain. still if she spread i would not go away with a stiffy.


o yea on a different topic a cousin of mine just died. seems he passed out and choked on his own vomit at the ripe ol age of 29. lucky bastard



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