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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a new one

the story sounds so familiar. hanging out at my voulenter gig and make friends with a woman who is unhappy in her marriage hang with her some more send e mails and texts. went up the bar with her and a larg group of people all that type of shit. last night she gave me this full body hug and pressed her cheek to mine. no hip action. im not trying to fuck her just seem to be heading that way. asking myself would i do er if i had the chance? think i would fuck a snake if somewon would hold it still for me.

flat tire on the bike yesterday put some fix a flat in it and rode it back to my lhouse.

i was riding my snowboard well this past weekend.

had a tremendous O with the gf on sunday. guess thats what keeps me coming back to her.

still ask myself what the fuck im doing and still answer I DON'T KNOW!



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