im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spent t weekend w gf. Said I was on a spiritual as retreat. Fucked her a lot tore the siding of f t front of her house to look for chipmunks holes. Got em blocked up and put all siding and trim back
Changed oil in wife car washed it. She has 15k on it already her job is only 6 miles away how the f does she put so many miles on it.
Dad went and visited my brother and almost dies. His wife is a effing nurse who takes care of old people. He went from walking with a Cain to not being able to go toilet by himimself what the fuck take him to the dam hospital. Turns out his hemoglobin went low and his blood got too thin from his meds.

 Fly boarding
Piece of shit trailer worked fine till strap came off. Rode back.
 Good ridding in GA .
Bro in law bought new vehicle got him a discount, at least I'm good for something.


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