im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, July 22, 2013

My weekend Fri worked ot went t gf fucked her a bit took her and her dogs swimming . Only t 2 now she had a put t old one down:-) :'( . Water so warm it wasent even refreshing. Cought no more monks though Kerry wes there while. We were fucking. Rained a lot it cooled down. Ate dinner and pussy and fucked her brains out. Went back my house went to bed with wife. In morning fucked t wife. Got everyone up to go boating fan belt broke so cut t day short. Fixed boat. Puttered around house. Jerked off at night. Sun went t Church w wife took dad to race and car show had a good  o'l fashioned family dinner and then went to gf and hung out and fucjed her again. Back at my house I ate 3 hot dog jerked off and went to sleep. No wonder my nuts hurt
Fucking insane bastard


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