im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, August 10, 2006


last night i went to my gf s house by telling the wife i was going to church. I have gon to church on wensday night before w my gf but last night she read to me from som inane book while i carressed and rubed her feet (just a little side note rub and carress a bitches feet the right way and she will f u every time) anyway it wasent too long untill she threw me on the bed and proceded to pount the shit out of me. this woman fucks like a porn star and wants more and more every time even after i come she will dip her fingers into her puss and rub my wetness all over her muff and get off even harder than while im effing her. so the nasty is done and i do that hold her tight thing and proced to fall a sleep for a while. i woke saw it was about 10 pm climed out of bed and went home and crawled in bed with the wife and slept like a baby. Baby bastard that is


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