im a bastard and i cant spell

Monday, August 21, 2006

took the kids to a rock concert on friday night it was good but i coulden't drink or smoke. The gf was pissed because i usually give her friday nights. I showed up at her house early on saturday morning (after kissing the wife goodby) i feed her dogs so she could stay in bed. slept for a bit then gave her a 2 minuite fucking she had a little o but i fingered her to a masive one she cums really hard that way. Took her out to breakfast somehow managed to get her t pay the bill (i did offer even had a 20 in my hand) sent her off to work and went home. went back to see the gf on sunday afternoon we did som gardening and walked her dogs. I really pampered her in the shower washing soaping and shaving her (she wants me to shave her puss again soon but we didn't have the time) all clean i proceded to f the piss outa her literly she wets herself she gets soo into it It kinda turns me on though. its monday now and im back at my pissy little job slept for a while and i'll spend the rest of the day on the computer doing shit like this and surfing around the firewalls for prono.


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