im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

all i can say about the weekend is it was crazy as usuall but the time with the gf was felatio palloza o my every time i turned around she had my dick in her mouth. got to her house she took me in her mouth. on the bed suck suck suck, i was hanging drapes she swallowed me down I like that part very much. what the fuck am i supost to do push her away nope cant do it.

monday same ol same ol. girlfriend iloveyouimissyouiloveuimissyou bullshit. spent sunday with her but its never unough. today she was going to come down to lunch w me but she has homework and shes like 2 hours for 45 min with you is not enough. so i ate my lunch and she gets all pissy like she was sitll comming down. fuck it im cglad she dident i ran errands at lunch time anyway. Is it wrong to hsve the gf on the phome while buying ky for the wifes dryed up snatch.

I have held the girlfriends hand wiped her tears and huged her through the medical training we went through together I have held her hand wiped her tears and huged her through her abusive marriage and divorce I held her hand wiped her tears and huged her through her 1st failed business i held her hand and wiped her tears when her kids moved back with there father i held her hand wiped her tears and huged her through her 2ond failed business I HAVE HELD HER HAND WIPED HER TEARS AND HUGED HER THROUGH A LOT OF SHIT! but now she is on the phone crying because school is too hard and she dosent "get it" she blubbering on the other end of the phone because she will probabbly get a less than perfect grade on her next poetry interpretation and cant understand her calculaus. she pulls all A s in all her classes and she cant stand to get less. well... im out of empathy for her shes used it all up the wells dry she needs to find somewon else to cry on this time. I still love her and we really fuck well together but time is running out cause i cant seem to stand her anymore.
anyway i make a heated jacket for riding in the cold it works well so far.


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