im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

just told the gf that the way she says som things puts people off. like i was telling her we all eat diomtcious earth focisl floure because farmers use it as a pesticide. she chimes right in that she dosent cause she grinds and makes her own bread. she still does cause they spray it on crops and it is organic. anyway i told her that that might be the reason som pepole drop you is they finaly get fed up with you saying you are better than them. my kids are beter because they are home schooled and go to dance. i type with 2 fingers and never make a mistake I take theese vitamens and never get sick. i always show up for dates or times no mater what nobody else ever does.bla bla bla. and it either makes the other parson defensive or feel put down so they finaly drop her. except me who has such a low self esteem and like to put myself down and have others put me down as well. and i havent had the balls till today tell her about it. fuck it im still a BASTARD maybee she'll dump me instead.


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