im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what ithe fuck am i doing? im carrying around my wifes wedding ring in my pocket. a diamond fell out and she wants it fixed for christmas . in the same pocket i have a cell phone and the girlfriend is on it. (i have an earbud mike as im too cheep to by a blutooth phone.
thanksgiving is comming as so the holliday stress begins. the gf wants me to see her the wife expects me home all the time. I ust to like the holllidays but now i hate em especially newyears as both expect me to b with them. My plan so far is to go on a huge bender on the day after christmas and stay drunk till about mid january got the money set aside and everything. it makes me sad that ive been sober now for like 12 years and this is the best idea i can come up for my life.


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