im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, December 14, 2007

ina lot of ways i am a real nice guy I got home last night and received a message that the friends son i invited to take out skiing with us could not come too much homework (his dad is in afganistan) so i fixed a nice dinner while the kids played and had it all ready when the wife got home. we ate and sent the other kid who came over on home when his mother got there. the wife was falling asleep in her chair so i put her to bed for a little nap ahe gets real sleepy durring her first days on the pad. so she slept i put away the food and did som dishes, before taking everywon out to get a tree for christmas. all nice and suburban like, right? while she slept i went to the garrage and tossed off and ate chockolet and called the gf to lie to her and tell her i was going to bed. Today im back at work at least i was able to get up a little early and rice my cycle in. goin to the gf after work tday she will probably bitch that im not getting to her house early enough again but fuck it the weather is cold but dry so i ride. it kinda pisses me off last time i did this route i was at her house at 3:36 about 10 min later than usuall. but she goes on and on about how i'll not be to her house till 4pm and shit. ahe has me all evening but she bitches about me 10 min talking likes its hours and hours. "but our time together is so short to begin with i want every minuite i can with you" bla bla bla... ad nausium. I wana tell her im going to an aa meeting tnight but i probly wont have the balls to ill just sit and watch a movie or cuddle or play a board game w her well fuck and i'll leave in the small hours of the am while she goed on and on about missing me. I write all this while she is on the phone w me professing her love to me over and over and over again. I AM SUCH A BASTARD


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