im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, January 18, 2008

dont know y i sit here and type this drivvel into the computer guess it just helps to get it outa my head or maybee it.......... who the fuck knows

didnt have much time to do anything last night made dinner talked with the wife for a while got the 12 year old ready for his camping trip this weekend.(camping in january fuck that) supost to get down to 15 f tonight . i gave him som of those warming packs that you tear open and they get warm hope it helps.

went to bed early and with the help of som sleeping pills slepe right through. feel real foggy this morn tho thinki the cold is still hanging on'

Gf is sooooo excited to c me t night she says "sorry, I just get so excited to c u" in her most bubbly voice. then she goes back into her quiet voice and i cant hear her so its back to what, beg your pardon, dident hear you. after several years and thousands of hours on the phone one would think she could speek in a voice loud enouf for me to hear her.



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