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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

trying to think what to say. the hollidays are over and im kinda breathing a sigh of reliefe. went to the gf last night cus the hill was closed and we played house she even said thanks for coming over and playing house with me. i cooked her dinner and wasent even trying to f her but she got me in bed and well... said she was happy to cuddle and but she had a raging pussy so got off in quick order and she diddled herself to 3 giand screaming Os. all i did was flick her nips around but it got her off in a big way. got up and dressed and got the f outa there about 10pm

the tension returns as i pull up my drive and find the bedroom light still on.
wife was sitting up in bed goin thru her purse when i finally walked in. I always think there is going to be a big confrontation when she is still up like she found out something out. but no she was happy to c me and we got to cuddlenig and she fell asleep right quick. good thing as the lizard couldent stand another flogging right then.

I can taste the burn of wisky in the back of my throat, the coolness of a beer going down, the sweet prickel f a mixed drink almost all the time now. As i was in the toilet this morning the guy in the stall next to me had the heavs bad and i think about how much i dont miss that part of drinking.I think about my last stint in jail my drunken episodes and it keeps me sober one more hour. but i think about it a lot. funny tho i went into a store yesterday to get som cheese for spagetti i was having and dident even think about it. wierd.


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