im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, January 04, 2008

How in inthefuck do i manage it. i treated the gf like shit most of the time off left her alone on newyears only went to her house for a few hours on christmas day (did get her som nice gifts even madee som of them myself) hardly said a 3 words to her on the phone or when i was with her and how does she repay me? fucked my brains out every time i got within reach of her and still thinks the her world rovolves around me. wht th fek??
wife is happy w happy i was home a lot so im in the same place i was before the hollidays.

my truck brok down and im in the process of fixing it. driving the wife's car. gf got all pissy cause ill be late for her house this afternoon cause the parts store gave me the wrong parts and now its taking longer than wxpected. she even went as far as to invite people over for dinner at her house so we can pretend we are a couple playing house. fucked up idnent it.



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