im a bastard and i cant spell

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

havent been keeping up lately dont feel like i guess ive had a bad cold and of course getting lots of advice from the wife girlfriend and everybody else. go see a Dr take vitiman c eat ecinasha of som other cure all remidy. fuck it all it takes a week to 10 days to get ris of a cold no matter what anybody says. im feeling better but now and back at work fucking off. went and got the cycle today at lunch time feels good to ride. colder than fuck tho 25 f .
I was thinking on my way to dads to get the bike that if i lived there i would be going home now. then another thought occured to me that no i would be going to the gf house every night and spending my time with her attached at the hip and if not getting told to "touch me" and shit like that. SCARES THE HELL OUTA ME. its fucked up i know cus i love her and i love being with her. love my wife and kids too. Built a bed frame with the 14 yr old this week. not som store bought peice of shit but hunks of angle iron and weld it together 1x6 shelves for a head board that type of shit all made to my sons plan he drew up. I like being a father and husband.

im just not a very good one

im just a


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