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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

its now tuesday and over the weekend i somhow managed to f the gf 2x on friday the wife on sat night the gf on sunday and again on monday. not once did i start it.
on fri i went to the gf house and im not kidding here she had my clothes off and in the shower in less than 5 min of getting in the door and then the sucking and effing began. I made her a very nice dinner and we lounged around for a few hours and played a game of Yateez with her stuffed tiger Sir Lancelot. (i make him talk and roll the dice and dance when he makes a good roll) and then it was back to effing. and i cuddled her till around 1 am i got up and went home or at least where i sleep anymore.
Saturday took the family skiing nice weather had a good time. got home and got ready to take the wife out to an apreeciation dinner at church. I washed her car and we got there fashonable late. the food was good and i ate too much the conversation was like it is at church things, weather and mundane shit . the wife got a little tippy on wine and we danced our asses off People even comented on our dancing and how "in love we looked" . When we got home i thought the wife would kinda pass our and i could get som sleep but nooooooo i got into bed and she tore off my favorite silk boxers (ok ok they were a little worn but they were sooo soft) it turned me on enough to get hard and i dider up propper screeming and all. hugged a bit and got up and got a warm towl and cleaned us up. She usually falls right asleep but tonight she wanted more so i hada use my hand took forever but this time she was softly purring before i got the sheets pulled over us.
Sunday church as usuall and on to volenteer at the hill. got bitched at for som shit but fuck it ill quit if anyone important says anything . back at the gf for a hot shower and more fking slept till about 2 and went home.
Monday up at 445am off to work 2 hours sleep omfg. Picked up the gf and went to the hill to spend my shift in the rain. the snow was great tho and very fast just wet and cold. Helped the gf with her homework a bit closed the hell early and then i droped her off at her house where we showered and she again fucked me till i nearly passed out.
tuesday got up a little early to go and get the motorcycle from my dads house and rode it to work think ill get rained on this afternoon but there is hope the pavement will get slik and ill slide under a truck. Death sweet death o how i long for it.


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