im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

what did i do this long weekend.

went to the gf on friday didnt dooo anything but played house and fuck
Saturday slept in got som food fucked the wife took a nap got up and slept sommore went and picked up the boy from his camping trip went t bed after an early dinner
Sunday church then to skiav back to the gs house feeked her twice
had monday off so did the wife again after breakfast couldent bust a nut guess im gettin 2 old. met the gf for som icecream while getting grout for the bathroom regrouting project.
went to skipk the wife and boys came and left early cus i was buisy. went to the gf for a late night fuck
now im back at work and back on overtime the life of a bastard fuicken the wife fuckin the gf and fucken the company


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