im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, January 31, 2008

what a pain in the ass last night was.
I picked up a small heater for my gf because she had no power. Her house was down to 40 degree I wanted to get her a generator but she has this block in her brain that will not allow her to learn anything more about gas powered things than turning a key. she can teach laten and advanced trig but she goes dumb at the thought of lighting her stove with a match. anyway i made her read the directions for the heater and light it. Turn a knob and push a button and she has heat. she gave me all that your so sweet and i dont know what i would do without you and all that bull sheit. get me the fuck outa here.

when i get back in my truck there is a message on my phone from my wife. Im thinking powers out at my house or somthing like that. but she is just gushing her love for me cause i put a heated masaging seat cover in her car. and fixed her throttle sticking closed problem. "im just in a little bit of heaven, you are my hero" she really is very low maintaince compared to my gf.

went home and we had power there so i wanted to work on an outlet that no longer worked but i think i will need an electricion to look at as i have no clue why im getting 12 voled out of a 110 volt outlet. as i couldent fix that i went to the widow next door to assemble a desk that she paid almost 500 $ for and it came flat packed and she fucked up on the assembly of it to her credit she tryed real hard and did a good job for what she did get put together.

now here is the weird part as im following her down the hall im thinking how much i would like to f her brains out SHE IS 65 YEARS OLD FRECRISTSAKE and im thinking of how much i wana bang her. I am fucked up. got the desk put together and started her generator to make sure she would have power incase we lost it. what the fuck is wrong with me i need to fuck another woman like i need another hole in my ass! anyway left her house with her telling me "i don't know what i would do without you" Nice guy aint i


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