im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sooooooo the wife was gon for the weekendjust me and the boys annnndd the gf. of course! went to her house on friday afternoon for a while. no fucking this time kinda surprized me then i went and got a movie and went home to cook dinner for the boys and watched said movie. Slept with her on the phone "cause i like being on the phone with you" I am such a wimp i cant tell her no. She called me out on this one though. i gave the phone to the cat to let her hear something breathing otherwise she disconnects and calls me back saying headset fell out of my ear and i couldent hear you sooo i thought the cat breathes ill put it by it well the little feline started purring and she hung up and called me back and told me all about it. I just wana sleep ferchristsake. i am such a puss. anyway took the boy to get his braces tightened and goofed off till i went to her house saturday night and we went out with friends. when we got back we showered and sucked and fucked till i went home around 2 am more sleeping on the phone.
took the boys to church sunday morning made dinner for them to cook and went to sp got home late to a sleeping wife whom i cuddled till my alarm went off at 430 too early so i took a 1/2 day and got the kids off to school and made breakfast and fucked the wife . went to work and back to sp and the gf joined me for the night (i wonder what other people think) back to her house after and was just too tired to fuck.



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