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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

cut my wrist yesterday. Im a mechanic so cuts are a pretty comon thing. i usually dont like the sight of my own blood but this time i let it flow freely i watched it drop by drop hit the floor it was the first time in months i have felt anything. in my training and teaching our mantra is "first stop the bleeding" but the pain was exquizett (really dont know how that spell that one) the pooling blood was hypnotic and tranquil i felt peace. that is till some fucking first responder came up and grabes my arm held it above my head and started yelling call 911. "let go of my arm i dont need an ambulance. just let me have the peace i felt just a few minuits ago. "
Gues i passed out for a while cause i was on a gurny headed to mecical. my arm is fine 12 stitches outside and one on the inside. them arteries can spill a lot of blood. dodged another bullet i guess just by luck. thinking back if i had put my hand and arm in the trans fluis drain bucket that was neer by no one would have notices till it was too late. Trans fluid is red never seem to think that quick though.
better "luck" next time


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