im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, October 16, 2008

not much goin on latly i have a cold and ben goin t bed asap each night. went to the drug stoor the other day to pick up som stuff for it but all the meds that claimed to sooth my simptoms had alchol in them dont need much of an excust to drink now do i . bought som childrens formula instad. it kinda works.
the gf is pissed cause i wont make plans to c her this weekend. i told her t make plans with her friend like she wanted to. fucking pisses me off when she plans her life around me. this morn she gave me wont you miss me a little bit? i meen for fucks sake im sicker that a dog goin t work cause im out of sick days and dont want to hang around my dad to much and make him sick. and she is wanting validation that i love her and will meii not seeing her. i think that is the hardest part about her to put up with is she is all about me me me and shit going on in her life and how it pertains to her and her needs and on and on and on...
just wana buy the cold stuff thats mostly booze and drink it and pass out.


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