im a bastard and i cant spell

Thursday, July 30, 2009

spent the last 2 days in class for work kinda boring but i can drive a fork lift now and know how to lift things erganomicly (even if i cant spell it)
did get the afternoon off yesterday so i went and took the gf to lunch course she fucked me while i was there. do i really love her or just like fucking the sex is great kinda like porn movie sex without the faking.
then i go to my house and face the wife and boy guilty BASTARD GUILTY BASTARD GUILTY BASTARD
my dad listed his house for sale we went there and got his guns now i have lots of things to shoot myself with think i would still stick with the shotgun tho. got loads that would blow the back of my head out for sure one barrel...never have the guts to do it.
found an old address book the other day lots of people in i have not talked to in years suprized how many are dead
lots of death on tv latly deadly catch, 1000 ways to die, jessy is a dead man, deadly police chases lots of death
well lunch is over and i gota get t work glad to have a job still should go and check myself into the hospital for suicide watch but i wont. maybee i'll get lucky and get creamed by a semi in the construction zone tday.


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