im a bastard and i cant spell

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

now ther is a discrpeency with the title to dads property and the closing will be delaied yet again i feel like calling the new owners and telling them to move in and we will sort out the bs later. now i gota find a guy i never knew from som old phone numbers that my dyslexic dad could barly read AAAAAAAH fuck still dealing with all the shit and more and more shit i gota get the boys to 2 different dentist on the same day an hour apart and yet im not supost to leave either ont there "incase of an emergency" ill figure something out but not sure what yet.
i did get to ride today 25 degrees or so and sno predicted. still hoping ill get mowed down by a large and heavy truck
had the first shift for the winter at my voulenteer gig went well but my hearts not into it this year.
got a new bathtub spigot cause the old one is sticking and now leaking when the shower is put on.


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