im a bastard and i cant spell

Friday, December 04, 2009

so i got my dad in FL and he is doing fine i tryed not to resent him too much as i was sorthing through all the crap we got out of the attic and other shit that needed to be thrown out years...decads ago. at least my sister threw crap out a few years ago after mom died so there is not quite as much. Im trying to hold on the the face at least we got to go through much of it with dad in the kitchen and able to laugh about somthing funny or tell a story about where this or that came from. its hord to do as im freezing my ass off sorting all this crap outside at 35 deg.

goin th the gf house after work. the wife still thinks i ride bicycles with friends and go to aa meetings havent been to an aa meeting for years now. how im still sober is beond my comprenson so is spelling .

rode the motorcycle to work today a few ice patches and 28 degrees heated gloves and jacket keept me tosty warm. keep thinking ill slide under a moving truck and get squashed like road kill. do i really have a death plan or do i just like to ride?



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